Incorporation of Hong Kong Company

Hong Kong is a metropolitan integrating opportunities, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. As an international financial centre, Hong Kong is favored by worldwide investors due to its established legal system, simplified taxation system, low taxation rate, well-equipped infrastructure and communication facilities, and high quality professionals. Hong Kong offers unlimited business opportunities, and serves as a platform to global economy and commerce, whose advantages are well known, so tens of thousands of international businesses benefit from setting up a company in Hong Kong.

Audit Services

We are a group of professionals providing comprehensive, high quality and efficient services at a competitive rate to meet the needs of our diversified clients.


We have been constantly perfecting our services network (back-up by lawyers, bankers, & practising CPAs) to provide a full coverage of “one-stop” professional services, including but not limited to audit, tax advisory, accounting, company incorporation, company secretarial services, domain names registration, registration of trademarks, and payroll & HR services.


  • Auditor’s report are printed in both Chinese and English, providing the utmost confidence to our clients;
  • All the clients enquiries are handled by professional accountants in Hong Kong;
  • Service is committed to be completed within agreed timeframe
  • Offering field audit at the client’s office and stock or asset inspection services
  • In compliance to the legal requirement for limited company;
  • Audited financial statements are more reasonable and precise;
  • In compliance to the tax filing documentation requirement;
  • Enhance the recognition of the company’s account;
  • Conduct Audit service according to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and other statutory requirements
  • Advice to company directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities 


Service fee starting from HK$3,000 per month, please contact us for quotation.

Accounting Services
  • Operating client's bank accounts, including cheque issuing and income collection
  • Cheque signing services as part of the company's internal control process or to    help save costs
  • Assist in treasury management in accordance with pre-determined instructions and ensure proper financial controls are maintained. This service is most useful to overseas companies who do not employ an internal accountant in Hong Kong
  • Arrange temporary secondment of our accounting professionals to assist during the busy period or to cover temporary staff shortages
  • Maintain accounting records for cashbook, receipts, payments and general ledger
  • Prepare management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis
    Carry out reviews to ensure the appropriateness of accounting, payment and receipt transactions
  • Implementation of accounting systems
  • Review and recommendations on improvements to existing systems of internal controls
  • Preparation of accounting manuals
  • Handling and redirecting of mail and correspondence


  • 填报个人报税表,办理个人入息课税,申请各项免税额;
  • 填报公司利得税报税表,应课利润计算表及其它附表;
  • 填报物业税报税表;
  • 填报雇主申报员工薪酬表;
  • 代表客户提出反对估税、申请延期报税等事项 ;
  • 协助客户处理税务局之查询、实地审核及税务调查;
  • 处理一切有关税务的诉讼;
  • 提供税务计画及建议等。
Company Secretary Services:
  • Act as Company Secretary

  • Submit Annual Return

  • Share Allotment

  • Change of Personal Particulars of Director and Company Secretary

  • Change of Registered Office Address / Business Address

  • Change of Company Secretary and Director (Appointment╱Cessation) 

  • Change of Company Name

  • Change of Company Business Nature

  • Share Transfer

  • Preparing resolutions for board, board committees and shareholders

  • Register Branch

  • Cancel Branch

  • Change of Branch Name

  • Deregistration of Limited Company

  • Trademark Registration

  • Provision of named company secretary, authorised representative, nominee directors, nominee shareholders and nominee local agents

  • Bank Account Opening Service


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